Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Maybelline's Eye Studio® Master Drama Eyeliner

Since Christmas was coming up I decided to make a run to the drugstore to see what was new in the way of eyeliner. I came across Maybelline's Eye Studio® Master Drama Eyeliner and decided to try it in the color "Midnight Master", a dark black.

This product's claims:

  • Creates dramatic, rich color payoff
  • Lasts 24 hours for smudge-resistant wear
  • Has a skip-proof, creamy glide

 I definitely got the rich, dark black that I was looking for which made my eyes look very dramatic. The product formulation is very creamy which makes this eyeliner glide easily across your lid, however I did find that since the formulation was so creamy it didn't hold a point well and there were times when I wanted a thinner line which was difficult to achieve as the eyeliner has a tendency of flattening out at the tip.


I would have to say that this eyeliner lasted a long time, however their claim of 24 hour smudge-resistant wear was not entirely accurate. My liner stayed put pretty well during the day, however after about 12 or so hours my liner did start to smudge slightly (nothing super noticeable, but if you're a perfectionist with your makeup you will definitely notice it). I actually fell asleep with this eyeliner on one night and woke up to some smudging but nothing horrific. This eyeliner was also one of the few that stayed on my waterline pretty well and still looked vibrant after a few hours, considering I have very watery eyes that wash away pretty much any eyeliner on my waterline!

This is definitely a product I would try again and would recommend to others that are trying to achieve a dramatic look with their eyeliner, however if you are someone who likes a thinner line you may want to skip this product.


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