Monday, 25 March 2013

Rouge Valley Veterinary Clinic

I have 2 dogs: a nearly 14 year old Yorkie and a 6 year old Bichon.

A few years ago both of my dogs were going to a different clinic. My Yorkie developed what looked to be an eye infection and the other clinic did a pretty good job in getting it under control with two different eye drops (one to clear the red out and another to be used after the redness was gone); however, a few weeks later it came back. After taking my dog back to the other clinic numerous times they were not able to get his "eye infection" under control, the drops just weren't working this time but they seemed hesitant to try anythig else. Also, he had developed a tooth infection and the other clinic was not even treating him for this, even when he was having trouble eating. I decided it was time for a second opinion!

I first found RVVH on a review website. Everyone was raving about how great Dr. Serge and his team were. I decided that ,even if the reviews weren't true, it couldn't hurt to at least have my dog looked at and RVVH is actually closer to my house than the other vet clinic.

I asked my mother to make an appointment and take my Yorkie in (since I had to work). While in the waiting area my mother struck up a conversation with a woman who was coming in to return some cans of dog food. According to my mother, this woman had a fairly young Golden Retriever that was having severe seizures. The woman had nothing but praise for the care that Dr. Serge and his team provided to her and her dog. She said that Dr. Serge tried everything he could to help her dog, but in the end his seizures had gotten too severe and none of the medications that they tried seemed to help.

When my mother and my dog were called in Dr. Serge was extremely helpful. He did his exam and a few tests and determined that my dogs "eye infection" was due to dry eyes and although my dog was producing tears they were not lubricating and basically just washing out the drops that the other vet clinic had given us. My mom was given a corticosteroid and an antibiotic for my dogs tooth infection and an ointment for his eye. We also got a few cans of my dogs hepatic food, which Dr. Serge said would be better to give him at that point because it would be easier to eat.

Within a day or two my dogs eye had begun to clear up and he was eating better than he had in a month. Amber, the receptionist, even called a few days after our visit to make sure that my dog was doing alright.

From the start we have been very, very happy with the service we have gotten from RVVH. Since then, Dr. Serge performed knee surgery on my Yorkie for a cruciate tear (superdog decided to jump off of the bed) and also managed to get my Bichon's allergic reaction under control (he gets red and itchy at the base of his tail). Every time we visit, Dr. Serge and his staff are always friendly and helpful. When I book an appointment I have never had to wait more than a few minutes to have my dogs seen, which is more than I can say for some clinics where I've had to wait nearly half an hour even with an appointment.

Now, this clinic doesn't look like much from the outside. It is located in a small strip mall and compared to some of the larger vet clinics it does seem pretty small, but the care that my dogs get at RVVH is hands above the other clinics I have taken my dogs to.

Dr. Serge is always willing to answer your questions and truly cares about his patients. This clinic is also one of the cheaper clinics that I've found and Dr. Serge is always willing to work with your budget instead of trying to gouge you for your last cent.

So if you're looking for a great vet in the GTA then please consider RVVH!

111 Island Rd., Unit #8,
Scarborough, ON
M1C 2P7

T: 416 208 7800   F: 416 208 5952 


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